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Word of Life New York Camps 2021

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Our Florida camps will be running as normal! Click here for more information.

We are planning to operate Summer Camp in New York in 2021!


Youth Camps


Word of Life camps will be operating according to all New York State Department of Health regulations. Regulations continue to change, but based on current summer camp guidance, here are some things you should anticipate:

  1. Physical distancing of at least six feet between persons of different cohorts must be implemented wherever feasible to prevent the spread of illness. Implementation of appropriate physical distancing will include adjustments to meetings, activities, and meals.

  2. Wearing masks in any public spaces where physical distancing cannot be maintained is encouraged, but not required.

  3. Frequent handwashing/hand sanitizing will be required for all campers and staff.

  4. We ask all campers to complete health screening and maintain temperature logs for ten days before their arrival. The health screening and temperature log form can be found at wol.to/nyycscreen

  5. New York State requires all campers to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of arrival at camp.

For additional information and to review our complete Safety Plan, please follow this link: COVID-19 Safety Plan

3 Camps, 1 Property

The Ranch, the Ridge, and the Island programs will all operate in 2021. However, we are going to be running all 3 programs at the Bible Institute property. While the Bible Institute typically only operates the Ranch and the Ridge camps and the Island has its own facility, we feel that the safest and most responsible path forward for 2021 is to leverage the Bible Institute property, which has already been outfitted in most areas to meet current COVID Guidelines.

The Ranch program will continue to operate on a separate schedule from the older youth programs. While they may cross paths on the property; all of their meals, meetings, activities, and cabins will be unique to our elementary school aged campers.

The Island and the Ridge will leverage a blend of individualized and combined programming. Some activities that lend themselves to larger groups and are less age specific will take place together, such as our morning Bible hour. However, we will still have separate cabins, evening rallies and breakouts, and many activities that are still operated specifically for each age group.


We will be making two major adjustments to our calendar for youth camp.

The first is for summer of 2021 only, we will be running 7 weeks instead of our traditional 8-week program. With ongoing travel restrictions still in place indefinitely, our typical “Week 1” is scheduled for a week that still has most New York and bordering states in school. Without campers from the Mid-west and further South states, it is impractical to operate this week of camp. The new start date for New York Youth Camps will be Sunday, June 27th. The last day of youth camps will be Friday, August 13th. The Bible Institute Graduation will take place on Saturday, August 14th.

The other significant change is that we will switch to a 5-day camp model with camp beginning on Sunday afternoon and wrapping up on Friday mornings. The reason for this change is to allow time for thorough cleaning and disinfecting of cabin spaces between camper groups. We have not received final guidance from New York Department of Health yet but we anticipate a significant increase in required cleaning protocols in our lodging spaces and we want to be sure we are equipped to meet these standards and provide safe and sanitized camping space for our guests.


With the shortened camp week as well as the current economic conditions we want to make camp as accessible as we possibly can while still maintaining fiscal responsibility. Our 2021 rates for youth camp will be as follows:

Ranch: $279/Week for Overnight Camp, $229/Week for Day Camp

Ridge: $299/Week for Overnight Camp

Island: $299/Week for Overnight Camp

All youth camp deposits will be reduced to $50 per camper. Our normal cancellation policy will remain in place. Issues relating to Covid will be handled through our established medical exceptions policy.

There will be no tiered pricing, early bird specials, late fees, etc. for 2021. This pricing will remain flat for the season, with no anticipated discounts offered (regular discount structure still in place for alumni, military, etc.) as long as space is available. Scholarships are still available for campers in need and can be applied for at camps.wol.org.

Juniors and Seniors will be eligible for a special coupon through Word of Life Bible Institute. Juniors can get $50 off and Seniors $100 for filling out an application. They will receive this coupon code via their admissions counselor once their application is completed. Students who have already applied can work with their admissions counselor to get the coupon.


We will start off with camp program capacities as listed below and then potentially adjust as registrations come in and as any guidance from NYS dictates:

Island: 240

Ridge: 160

Ranch: 100

Total: 500

Bible Institute Students/Camp Crew

Arrival dates for Bible Institute Students and Camp Crew will be pushed back one week to match the new camp schedule. Most Bible Institute students should expect to arrive on Friday, June 18th & camp crew on Saturday, June 19th. Students who are serving as Unit Leaders or Supervisors in some specialty areas may need to arrive earlier for additional training. Those dates will be communicated directly to those who are affected when they accept positions that require additional training.

The Island

While we are disappointed not to be physically running camp at the Island this summer, we are confident that we can deliver the Island program with excellence at our Bible Institute facility. Our updated meeting space, dining room and athletic facilities are perfect for students and we believe that this is the safest option at this time.

We will be leveraging the down time on the Island this summer to complete several important infrastructure projects, most notably completing a renovation of the Kitchen and Dining facilities and rebuilding our Mainland Dock. Both projects are critical to ongoing operations and we fully intend to have a Grand Reopening of the Island in 2022!

Family Camps

The Pines

We are planning on not only opening the Pines this summer but expanding the season to 11 weeks of camping! The Pines was the only facility that was able to open at all last summer in New York. Based on current regulations and best practices we are confident that we can operate safely and bring back most of our regular programming at the Pines.


We will be making two significant changes to the Pines calendar.

The first is to expand our weeks of operation. The Pines regularly operates close to capacity, and we want to be able to accommodate as many of our guests as possible to be able to return for 2021 after most were unable to join us for 2020.  Our new Pines opening date will be Sunday, June 13th. Our new ending date will be Friday, August 27th. Week 10, August 16-20 will be shortened to a Monday-Friday schedule to accommodate the Bible Institute graduation on the preceding weekend.

The other significant change is that we will switch to a 5-day camp model with camp beginning on Sunday afternoon and wrapping up on Friday mornings. The reason for this change is to allow time for thorough cleaning and disinfecting of cabin and room spaces between camper groups. We have not received final guidance from New York Department of Health yet but we anticipate a significant increase in required cleaning protocols in our lodging spaces and we want to be sure we are equipped to meet these standards and provide safe and sanitized camping space for our guests.

Guests staying through for multiple weeks will be able to stay in their lodging through the weekend between their week-long stays. However, programming and meals over the weekend will be limited.

Guests staying at campsites and in their own RV’s may extend by one day to a Saturday check-out since no turnover is necessary. They will pay the additional nightly rate but will not be charged a program fee for the additional day. Very limited activities will be available, there will be no Bible Hours or youth/children’s programming, and meals will likely not be available.


Pine's pricing will remain frozen from our 2020 weekly rates and varies based on choice of accommodations and number of guests per site/cabin (the weekly rate will actually be slightly reduced; however, the corresponding daily rate will increase). Guests staying for multiple weeks will need to pay the additional nightly rate for their accommodations on the weekend between their week-long reservations but no program fee will be added for the additional days. These details will be available at camps.wol.org.

Here is the updates Pines Pricing Sheet:

The Pines




Site/Cabin Rate


2021 Nightly Rate

2021 Weekly

Primitive Site





Tent Site





Full Hook-up





Full Hook-up 50 amp





Primitive Cabin


6 ppl



2 Person Cottage

2 ppl



4 Person Cottage

4 ppl



6 Person Cottage

6 ppl



8 Person Cottage

8 ppl







Room/Duplex Rate


2021 Nightly Rate

2021 Weekly

Champlain Standard

5 ppl



Champlain Family


7 ppl



8 Person Duplex

8 ppl



10 Person Duplex

10 ppl




We are still in the process of developing our Dining Program at the Pines to adapt to COVID protocols. This will likely result in switching to a take-out style meal program with options for both individual meals and family packs. In exciting news, the new picnic pavilion is already well underway and will be completed ahead of the 2021 camping season. That means all the white tents are gone and will be replaced by a beautiful new pavilion similar to the one covering the adjacent porch. Picnic tables will still be available but will be placed for social distance to be accommodated so takeout style meals will make it easy to either enjoy your meal in the picnic area or transport back to your cabin or campsite. As soon as the new plan and sample menus are finalized, we will post this online and let everyone know.


In order to accommodate occupancy restrictions in the meeting hall, we will only be running one Morning Bible Hour, but will run the same session back-to-back if necessary based on our occupancy for the week to allow for everyone to be able to attend the session. We are working with our speakers to confirm their plans and will update the schedule online as soon as possible. These sessions will still include powerful worship and the quality Biblical content you are used to. We will also be reviewing our evening program and adapting accordingly as summer approaches and we have a better idea of what regulations will look like.

The Pool

A generous donor has made it possible to repair the pool! Expect it to be fully up and operational for this camping season.

Children and Youth Programming

We plan to run our Children’s and Teen programming as close to previous year’s plans as possible. Once we receive final guidance, we will make any changes necessary but with much of this programming already taking place in outdoor facilities we expect this to be minimal.


Many guests have reached out to us and inquired about what to expect with our COVID-19 health and safety protocols this summer. We would like to assure you that we are taking every measure necessary to ensure that every guest has a safe and edifying experience at The Pines and Lakeside.

  1. Word of Life will not require face masks or social distancing at The Pines for fully vaccinated individuals. However, if guests wish to wear a mask and/or implement social distancing, we will support and respect that decision.
  2. Word of Life will not require staff, students, guests or campers to get the vaccine. This is a personal decision.
  3. Word of Life will not ask staff, students, or family camp guests to provide proof of vaccination to participate in camp programming. This is private medical information that should only be disclosed on a health form.
  4. This guidance applies to all retail, food service, offices, and other Pines and Lakeside settings.

All Camps – New York Travel Advisory

Fortunately, as of April 1, 2021 the New York Travel Advisory has been lifted. We will gladly accept guests from non-contiguous states following the normal health screening protocols.

All Camps Schedule:

Pines/Family Camp


Youth Camp (Ranch/Ridge/Island at BI Property)


Training Week

June 6-11

Training Week for Staff Team 1


Week 1

June 13-18



Week 2

June 20-25


Training Week

June 20-25


Week 3

June 27-July 2


Week 1

June 27-July 2


Week 4

July 4 - 9


Week 2

July 4 - 9


Week 5

July 11-16


Week 3

July 11-16


Week 6

July 18-23

Training Week for Staff Team 2, Team 1 dismissed on 23rd

Week 4

July 18-23


Week 7

July 25-30


Week 5

July 25-30


Week 8

August 1-6


Week 6

August 1-6


Week 9

August 8-13

*Graduation August 14, allow Saturday after grad checkout

Week 7

August 8-13

*Graduation August 14

Week 10

August 16-20

*Short week due to grad, Mon-Fri


Week 11

August 22-27

Final week of camp program


Camp Closedown

August 28-29

Students dismissed August 30


Labor Day Weekend

September 3-6

Open for Private Group Booking


Bible Institute Students and Camp Crew

In order to create a situation that is as fair as possible for our Bible Institute students summer ministry requirements as well as one that is feasible for our Camp Crew participants, we are going to split the summer staffing at the Pines into two teams.

Team One Bible Institute students will arrive on June 4th for training and Team One Camp Crew will arrive June 5th. They will serve for camp weeks 1 through 6 (June 13 through July 23).

Team Two Bible Institute students will arrive on July 16th for training (week 6 of camp) and Team Two Camp Crew will arrive July 17th. They will serve for camp weeks 7 through 11, as well as the Camp Closedown weekend (July 25-August 30).

We will make accommodations for Bible Institute Students on Team One who wish to stay on through graduation on August 14th. We will also consider requests from Camp Crew members who would like to stay through the full summer.

Bible Institute Students who are a part of Team Two will be allowed to walk at graduation and will receive their diplomas upon successful completion of their summer ministry requirements.