The Winter Retreats by Snowcamp program is a brand new opportunity for youth groups to create their own schedule, counsel their own students, and customize Snowcamp their way.
So pack your bags and join us for 44 hours you won’t forget!


Camp Guide

Word of Life will provide each group with a camp guide, a counselor from the Bible Institute who will aid their leaders with communication and serve them in any way they need, but groups will not be provided with the normal number of camp counselors


The 2019 pricing for students is the same as regular Snowcamp pricing, however, leaders will receive a 50% discount. This is based on a 3-4 person room occupancy, so prices will vary if groups choose to have 2 people per room.

More Information

Youth leaders will be able to customize their group’s schedule, will be responsible for transporting their own students, and will be able to serve as the camp counselor for their own students.Cell phones will still not be allowed at Snowcamp, but it is up to the discretion of the youth leader to allow or not allow cell phones at their lodging location. Food will be provided only at Snowcamp. Groups may choose to eat out, but no discount or change in rate will be given. Groups will be housed at either the Lodge or the Pines Lakeside


Weekend 3: February 8-10
Weekend 4: February 15-17
Weekend 5: February 22-24
Weekend 6: March 1-3
Weekend 7: March 8-10


Join us for Winter Retreats by Snowcamp- for a Snowcamp experience your way!