Word of Life Rodeo

The Word of Life Ranch Rodeo is a family-friendly event held weekly throughout July and August.  Come out on Friday nights to enjoy our show! Family Fun starts at 7:00 PM with horse rides, bounce houses, Rodeo Burgers, and a petting zoo. Stay for our Rodeo at 8:00 PM where you'll see events like Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Steer Riding/Wrestling, and much more.  The best part is this event is free and open to the public.  We can't wait to see you this summer! 


7:00 Family Fun Night
Enjoy all of the following before and during the Rodeo


8:00 Rodeo Events

The Ray & Louise Ely Arena is named in honor of a devoted couple who led our horse program with horses from their ranch in Missouri. They were an integral part in developing the current Horsemanship Program. God used their love for Christ and their love for children to leave a lasting legacy for which we are so grateful. Our Horses are provided by Jeremy and Katie Phillips and J&K Cattle-n-Quarter Horses from Cole Camp, Missouri. Our Rodeo cows are kindly provided by George Lawson of Vermont.

  • Grand Entry

    Most rodeos begin with a traditional Grand Entry, and the Word of Life Rodeo is no exception. This is a time to introduce our contestants and their horses to the crowd. Horses who carry a flag are considered especially well-trained, and the rider will also be more experienced. Grab your camera and cheer them on as they pass by!
  • Flag Relay

    This event pays tribute to one of the fondest memories of the Wild West, the Pony Express. It is a fast-paced event that will pit tonight’s 2 teams against each other as well as rider vs. rider simultaneously. The object is to pick up or drop off their flag in the can at the other end and then hand off or take the flag from the other rider.
  • Barrel Racing

    Barrel Racing is an event you will see in every major rodeo across the U.S. An event for cowgirls only, the riders will take turns running the course in a clover leaf pattern, trying to get as close to the barrels as possible without knocking them over. In the event a barrel falls or the pattern is broken, a disqualification or penalty will be awarded. Tonight, we’ll do two rounds for separate skill levels.
  • Arena Run

    Let's see who has the fastest horse on the Ranch! This is a timed, racing event where riders zoom around the arena in hopes of being the fastest.
  • Cow Chasing

    This event takes teamwork and determination. A team of 3 “cowboys” will have the job of catching their cow and holding it steady for one of them to mount. The cowboy may hold onto the cow however he can as long as he's on its back. The team to ride their cow at least 8 seconds and to put on the best bovine show will win for their team. This event will be sure to make you smile.
  • Goat Dressing

    This event involves two contestants who must race down the arena to “dress” their goat. The one who dresses their goat the fastest and then races home first wins the event.
  • Pole Bending

    Pole Bending is a team event where speed and agility are key. Each team of cowboys or cowgirls will compete at the same time. The object is to weave through a course of poles as fast as possible without knocking any of the poles over. The first team to complete the course will win.
  • Ranch Sorting

    New this summer, this event is fast and difficult. Riders must work together to sort certain cows and bring them across the finish line without the other cows crossing also. They will have 2 minutes to get the job done!

World-Famous Food

We have tons of great food available at the Rodeo including:

  • Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, and of course, our famous Rodeo Burgers!
  • Sno Cones
  • Popcorn & Potato Chips
  • S’mores around the fire
  • Candy and other snacks
  • Iced Tea, Lemonade, and Soft Drinks

More Information

For all the details about the Free Rodeo at the Word of Life Ranch, including wranglers & riders, box seats, and other info, view the entire program!

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