This year's Backstage Pass takes place at Snowcamp all season.

15 passes are available each week.

Why Backstage Pass?

You'll get exclusive backstage tour, dinner with the band, tubing with the program team, interact with the program team during the ice breaker, front row seats, photos and autographs with the band, sound check, and an actual backstage pass.

Get To Know The Band

Chill with the band over dinner and during sound check and grab some photos and autographs while you’re at it.

Time With The Program Team

Get some time on stage with the program team and then let them show you just how much fun the tubing hill can be.

Front Row Seats

Experience the powerful teaching and intense excitement from the best seats in the house all weekend long.

Register for an unforgettable Backstage Pass experience for $20 in addition to the regular camp fee.

Only 15 Backstage Passes will be allotted for each week!