Summer 2020 FAQ’s

As things have shifted under New York State guidelines, Word of Life has come to the conclusion that our New York camp season is completely unfeasible. It is with heavy hearts that we made this decision, but we are choosing to trust the Lord, as He knew that this situation would occur, and He will use it for His glory.  

Our desire is to give you as much information as possible on this page, however you may direct any specific questions to Customer Service at or give us a call at 518-494-6000. If you are a Bible Institute student or the parent of a Bible Institute student, please visit the Bible Institute Covid FAQ page for more specific information.

This FAQ Page will be consistently updated as more information becomes available. 


The Coast camps are open for summer 2020!

Florida 2020 Information

Q: When will NY Camps registration open for the 2021 season?

A: Registration will open on July 1, 2020. You can register for all camps on the WOL Registration System

Q: Will the Bible Institute still open in Fall 2020? 

A: Yes, it is still our intent to open both New York and Florida Campuses of the Bible Institute this fall.  As always, we will be monitoring the situation, making all appropriate adjustments to follow CDC guidelines to operate safely, and will adjust our plans if necessary.  


Q: Just a few weeks ago when you announced the consolidation plan, you said that camp was still on for the summer… What happened, why did you change your plans?  

A: Our consolidation plan was based on the Federal Re-Open plan that was available at the time. This plan would have allowed for us to be in Phase 3 by June 15th, which would have presented a reasonable path to reopening. Since that time, additional CDC guidelines have been released in addition to the New York State re-open plans. The New York State re-open plans outline a 4-phase plan that would take us well into July in the best-case scenario before being allowed to re-open, and even then we would be faced with significant restrictions that would dramatically impact the camp experience. After reviewing the updated information, we have determined that it is not possible for us to proceed with plans to open for the 2020 camping season.  


Q: If I already have a reservation for 2020, can I get a refund? 

A: Yes! While we would love to have you consider moving your reservation to 2021 or even giving your deposit as a donation to Word of Life in order to support the ministry during this difficult time, we realize that many of you may also be struggling financially and need to receive a refund. The quickest way to let us know how you would like us to handle your reservation is by going to We would also be happy to talk with you on the phone-- you can give us a call at 518-494-6000.  


Q: How does this affect summer ministry for current Bible Institute Students? Will students still graduate? 

A: Yes, students will be able to do summer ministry at home and graduate! We have contacted all current students via Canvas. If you did not receive this communication or have further questions, you can contact the Dean of Ministries, Jason Headlee via e-mail at  


Q: Will there still be a Bible Institute Graduation Ceremony?  

A: We are working on both a digital ceremony to honor our graduates at the end of summer, and we are also planning a live graduation ceremony for all who are able to attend on Saturday, October 10th, 2020. It is our hope that by that time all gathering and travel restrictions will be lifted, and we can celebrate in person, together. Students and parents will receive more specific details on this event directly through e-mail as details are finalized.  


Q: Will you still be holding events in the fall? 

A: At this point in time, we have cancelled our Fall Retreats, as The Lodge will not open at all in 2020. However, we still plan to open the Bible Institute in the fall, so we have not cancelled events like Harvest Jamboree, Reverb, RISE Pastor’s Conference and the Renew Women’s Conference. We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes as needed. 


Q: Is there any summer camp experience available this year? 

A: Unfortunately, current state regulations do not provide any provision for us to be able to open our facilities this summer. It is our hope that things will continue to improve, and we may be able to safely operate some limited programming. This may include some weekend retreats late in the summer, opportunities to camp as a family at the Pines without large group programming or opening limited camp activities for local guests. At this point in time, we have no timeline for if or when any of this will be permitted, but we will be sure to announce any offerings that we are able to make available.  


Q: Is there going to be camp online? 

A: While we don’t believe it’s possible to replicate what happens at camp in an online platform, we are developing a series of online experiences that we hope will encourage you and give you an opportunity to reach your friends with the Gospel by inviting them to watch with you. Click here to see the schedule

Q: What about Seniors who are missing out on their last year on the Island? 

A: We hope to be able to offer some special opportunities for 2020 seniors to join us in 2021. We are still researching how this will work within our Child Protection Plan, but we believe it will be a possibility and will announce this along with other specialty camp announcements for next summer.  


Q: What if my student received a Steadfast & Creative Discipleship Scholarship for this summer through the Fifty1 or Olympians program?

A: The 2020 Steadfast & Creative Discipleship Scholarship can be used for our 2020 summer camp in Florida or for one of our 2021 winter camps (Snowcamp in New York or Pursuit Camp in Florida). In addition, the scholarship can be used for one FREE ticket to a Word of Life Reverb event in November 2020. The scholarship also includes a $500 Award for the Word of Life Bible Institute.

Q: What if my child/student received a Life Change Scholarship for 2020?  

A: Since camp is cancelled, no scholarships will be awarded for 2020 or transferred to future dates.  We anticipate being able to continue the Life Change Scholarship program in 2021 but candidates will need to apply for those scholarships when the program opens in 2021. 

Q: What about the funds my child/student raised for Missions Reality/Summer Camping Ministry? 

A: We understand that the cancellation of New York camps this summer has ramifications for those of who you chose to receive your raised funds over the course of summer ministry. We are weighing our options and will follow up with you on this issue in the coming days.