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  1. Hello Brother Calhoun,

    About 25 -30 years ago you were involved with a Word For Life Basketball Marathon in Cedarville, Ohio which was held at Cedarville Baptist College.

    The basketball marathon was for teenage boys. It was held on a Saturday and you preached a message from Philippians 3 concentrating, as my memory recalls, on verses 7-14. Shortly before the marathon, I came across some middle-teen boys and invited them to the marathon. You also were one of the counselors, as was I after the message time.

    Shortly before the marathon, I asked a boy by the name of Paul Engle if he would like to play in a basketball marathon. Paul was eager to play and though he knew it was a church function, he had no idea about what was about to confront him!

    Paul was saved that day upon hearing your message and hearing you during the counsel time! I can’t adequately relate all that transpired that day, but Paul’s life was changed that day, and so were many others. Since that time Paul has grown in the mightily in the Lord. He and his wife Mary, have a family and have raised 9 children, 2 adopted. Four of the kids were quads, Paul and Mary rejecting advice to abort 2 of them. Until recently Paul has served as a Deacon at our church and also serves as the Chaplain in our local Prison, Lima Correctional Institution. He is now filling a vacant Pastor’s position for a like-minded church and is considering and being considered to fill that position.

    He was well blessed by the message and counsel you provided at Cedarville and many others continue to receive the blessings of that day.

    I am one of those who was blessed by your message and wore out the cassette tape copy of it I purchased that day. (I’d like to hear it again!)

    I hope this “letter” blesses you a little bit as your work has blessed many others.

    Thank you for all of your work.

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