Arrival and Departure

Registration is from 3-5 PM at the Bible Institute in the JWC building located in the main parking lot, first entrance off Glendale Rd (4200 Glendale Rd, Pottersville, NY 12860). Departure time is after your group eats lunch on Sunday (Lunch is between 11:30am-12:30pm).

Is there an ATM on property?

Yes, in multiple locations.  There is one in the snack shack as well as another in the student lounge.

Do activities cost money?

There are a few optional activities that do require an additional cost. Snowmobiling is $15 per 20-minute session, and Paintball is $10 per 30-minute session. There is also a bookstore with Snowcamp merchandise and a snack shack.

How do I contact a camper?

Please limit calls to campers to emergencies only. The camp office can be reached between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM. A message will be taken to your camper’s youth leader and they will return your call if necessary.

Please limit calls after 10:00 PM to extreme emergencies only. The Command Center’s number is: 518-494-1471.

What is an overview of the daily schedule?

To access the list of the daily schedule Click Here.

How involved can leaders be during snow camp?

Youth leaders are welcomed to participate in Snow Camp right alongside their youth. They can attend the meetings together, play in sports tournaments, ride the tube hill, etc. Really the only place where the youth leader cannot be alongside their youth is in the cabin at night.

My child has special need; can you provide assistance for them?

Please talk with our health center for the answer to your specific medical need. The phone number for the Health Center is 518.494.1600 feel free to contact them at any time.

I have a copy of last year's health form- can I reuse it?

Any version of the health form will work for Snow Camp as long as it has been signed by the parent/guardian within the last year. Medication forms must also have a current signature. However, previous versions of the health form will not work for summer camp.

Are cell phones, iPods, portable gaming devices, or other electronic devices allowed?

Campers are not permitted to bring electronic devices to camp.

What is the food like?

The Bible Institute takes care of all of the meals during the weekend. Full buffet, nutritional meals are served to every camper. Nutritional concerns or food allergies are always accommodated when advance notice given. Please indicate special needs on your camp registration and health form.

Where do the leaders stay?

Word of Life provides great lodging for youth leaders at an affordable price. Accommodations start at $190 for up to four people. Separate meal packages are available for purchase. For more information on pricing, larger group accommodations, and booking please call 518-494-6000.

Is there a lost and found?

Lost and found articles are returned upon claim by parents, up to 30 days after the end of their camping week. Simply call and specifically describe the missing item; if it matches an item in our lost and found we will ship it to you and charge you for the small shipping fee.

Does a camper need to have their own insurance policy?

Word of Life Camps are a non-profit, charitable organization dependent on God and His people. Those who use Word of Life facilities and/or engage in related activities, waive and release and claim for personal injury or property damage. Attendees agree to carry insurance or have the resources to cover the expenses related to personal injury or property damage.

What is your Code of Conduct and Admissions policy?

Please see our camps policies page for more information.

How much money should I send to Snow Camp with my child?

That is up to you, there are three activities that cost an additional fee, a bookstore with Snow Camp merchandise and a Snack Shack.

What about cabin assignments and cabin-mate requests?

All cabin assignments will be made before arrival. Any special requests must be made ahead of time via your online account.

What should a camper pack for camp?