Comfortable Stay in a Warm Place

One cabin filled with 12 campers and two counselors means unlimited cabin fun and plenty of opportunity to make friends with roomies. And don’t worry about the hot Florida temperatures; campers will bunk up in air-conditioned comfort.

Groups are automatically housed together as much as possible, unless you let us know that you prefer to mix it up!

Experience Florida Youth Camp

Campers will have an EXTRAordinary experience, form lifelong friendships and make defining decisions about their faith as they spend their days worshipping, studying Biblical truths and having a ton of fun in the Florida sun!

Never run out of things to do.

Sports! Swimming! Paintball! Rock wall! Tubing! Art and crafts! Ropes courses! Shall we go on? At the Word of Life Florida Youth Camp, your days are chock-full of high-energy activities, music, speakers and games. We also create space between the activities for students to reflect on the biblical truth they’re learning, leaving them with a deeper and stronger faith.

Specialty Camps

Know the next big soccer star? Add a Soccer Specialty Camp to get the full camp experience, with the added bonus of dedicated time to take soccer skills to the next level through hands-on training and plenty of time on the field.

For just $99 in addition to the regular camp fee, campers can have an unforgettable soccer experience!

Family Style Food

All of our meals are served family style and we don’t want anyone to leave hungry! Campers can eat as much as they like and are always welcome to grab candy or snacks at the Snack Shack between meals. We also have optional sandwiches and cereal available at every meal just in case our more (ahem) “particular” eaters need a backup.

We work to serve a well-balanced diet throughout the week. Meals are prepared under strict supervision, using the finest quality ingredients. If your camper has food allergies, email to receive an Allergen Guide. Learn more about addressing food allergies at camp in our FAQs.

Programs and Meetings

At Word of Life Florida Youth Camp, we want to see every young person make a life-changing decision for Christ, accept Him as Savior, grow closer in relationship with Him and develop the desire and tools to share their faith with others. Every element of camp is designed with this in mind.

View This Year’s Speakers

In particular, these tools are provided during Morning and Evening Rallies. At Morning Rallies, the dynamic speaker of the week presents powerful, engaging messages that provide opportunity for both new believers and established Christians to grow in relationship to Jesus. At Evening Rallies, we pump things up with speakers, great music, thought-provoking drama and even competition to get kids excited about living their lives for Christ.