What makes Word of Life camps so unforgettable?

Besides the fun, high-energy activities, amazing friendships, and engaging biblical teaching, what keeps our campers coming back year after year are our amazing counselors. Because we believe life change happens in relationship, our counselor to camper ratio is low and each of our camp counselors has had at least one year of in-depth biblical training.
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Meet Our Counselors

Our counselors and unit leaders are what make Word of Life Camps special. “The counselors are here to pray through issues with kids, and to lead those kids to the Lord. To be a mentor— to be a big brother, or a big sister while they’re here.”

About Our Counselors

All of our camp counselors have completed at least one year at the Word of Life Bible Institute, an accredited post-secondary program offering intensive Bible study and ministry training. Not only are they specially trained for camp ministry, they are equipped with in-depth biblical knowledge and daily spend time in the Word. Each counselor has learned, signed and abides by our child protection policy and is committed to providing a safe and fun environment in which each camper can flourish. Not only do our counselors help each student have a blast, they are there to care for and mentor students, answer questions and encourage them in their faith.

Counselor Accountability

We have a chain of command in place at our camps to ensure that everyone is taken care of and held accountable. Your student is under the care of our counselors for the week and the counselor is responsible for helping them have the best time possible as well as challenging them to grow in their faith. Our counselors report to an individual we like to call a Unit Leader. Each Unit Leader is in charge of seven to eight counselors, making sure their needs are met and that they are giving both camp and the campers their all.

Some of the distinctive features of our counselors include:

Summer Institute of Camping (SIC) Training-

Camper and Staff Counselors pass through an intensive, on-site, 10-day training course covering issues of leadership, counseling, safety and first aid, children and teen issues, spiritual preparation, camp program, team building, and other topics.

Biblical Training

As students and graduates of the Word of Life Bible Institute, our counselors have spent the school year studying the Bible in one of the strongest Bible training schools in the country. The unique curriculum balances classroom knowledge with practical ministry and life growth.

Child Protection Training-

Specific training is provided to every employee covering not only our own camp’s Child Protection Policy, but also best practices of working with children and teens. Topics cover awareness, prevention, reporting, response, and more.

Never-Alone Direct Supervision-

At Word of Life, campers are never alone. Campers are directly supervised by at least one, but usually several, counselors at all times. Campers do not go anywhere or do anything unsupervised.

Get away and join us for an experience you’ll never forget!